About US

Hatoor Construction is a fully integrated engineering and construction contractor that offers superior services across the entire project lifecycle. We have the expertise and the resources to address every stage of the project from financing, to planning, design, construction, maintenance and support. 

Hatoor Construction focuses primarily on infrastructure developments. Since 1985, we have successfully created major infrastructure projects for multiple clients nationwide. Our people, designs, and projects have the reputation of being the very best in the industry.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help create a better life for communities by providing access to essential infrastructure using affordable technologies and robust project management skills.

Company Snapshot




Wastewater Treatment Plants


Water Treatment Plants


Residential Developments


Irrigation Development Projects

Successfully provided essential infrastructural services to more than 25 Million Egyptians

Core Values


Safety is our first priority. We are committed to providing everyone who works and visit our workplaces with a safe environment.


We work as a team to help and support each other to achieve the desired goals.


At Hatoor Construction we believe that innovation is the key to continued growth and development.


We embrace honesty and trustworthiness through professional and ethical behavior with our clients, employees, and communities.

Corporate Responsibility

Our corporate responsibility defines how we do business. It drives our actions and acts as a reminder that we are committed to growth, but not at all costs. 

Social Responsibility

Hatoor Construction is committed to its mission of helping disadvantaged communities in Egypt by providing essential infrastructural services. We create value for our clients and for the society by working on projects that meet the needs of our end users and the wider community.


Sustainability is an integral part of how we do business. Hatoor Construction actively aims at minimising its impact on the environment and the local communities.

Cultural Diversity

Hatoor Construction culture is rich and diverse. We embrace our differences and we foster a culture of respect among our team. We do not tolerate for any form of discrimination that is based on gender, religious believes or age.

Ethical Business Practices

It is the company’s policy to conduct all of its business activities in an honest and ethical manner. Hatoor Construction does not tolerate any forms of bribery and / or corruption. We thrive on acting professionally, fairly, and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships.

Executive Team


Magdy EL-Tantawy founded Hatoor Construction (Previously called Eltantway for Construction and Engineering Consultancy) in 1985. He chose to focus on developing the infrastructure of rural Egypt given the huge need for proper wastewater and sanitation facilities. Through his hard work and creativity, he grew the company to become a leader in environmental engineering and contracting in Egypt. 

Managing Director

Shadi Magdy joined Hatoor Construction in 2017. He oversees all the business operations, people and ventures and is responsible for the overall success of the company. Prior to joining Hatoor Construction, Shadi worked in multinational engineering and contracting firms in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. 

Shadi holds a bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the American University in Cairo and two master’s degrees in Business Management and in Civil Engineering from the University of Edinburgh and Melbourne University respectively. He is a member of Engineers Australia and The Egyptian Engineers Syndicate. 

PMO Director

Nasser Esrafeem Joined Hatoor Construction in 2018 as a PMO director. Nasser has an extensive experience in biding, delivering, and managing large scale infrastructure projects. Nasser worked in top management positions at top tier contractors in MENA region such as Arab Contractors and Osman Group. 

As our PMO director, he is involved in all aspects of the construction projects to ensure ongoing success in the winning and the delivery of the projects. 

Financial Director

Khaled Hefny joined Hatoor Construction in 1992 after more than seven years working in financial consultancy. 

Hefny is responsible for all the financial reporting, taxation, external, and internal audits. 

Internal Control Director

Waffa joined the company in 1986. She is currently our Internal Control Director. 

Waffa is responsible for conducting audits and reviews of the existing organization controls to ensure compliance with existing policies and procedures. 

Shadi Magdy

Shadi Magdy

Managing Director

Nasser Esrafeem

Nasser Esrafeem

PMO Director

Waffa Metwally

Waffa Metwally

Internal Control Director

Khaled Hefny

Khaled Hefny

Financial Director

Lina Magdy

Lina Magdy

Design Director